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Strengthening the capacity of Roma parents in order to better represent the rights of their children

Strengthening the capacity of Roma parents in order to better represent the rights of their children

период: 02.01.2024 - 30.06.2025
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The main objective of the project is to empower Roma/disadvantaged parents to be able to better advocate for their children’s education, healthcare and other basic needs and rights. By raising awareness of the universal children’s rights –especially those mostly relevant for the life of the Roma communities in Hungary and Bulgaria -, and strengthening their capacities to stand up for these, parents will manage their children’s life more effectively and ensure more successful outcomes, primarily in their school career.

The secondary aim is to promote a cooperating, inclusive mainstream local society by sensitising and strengthening the Roma inclusion skills of the relevant local professionals.

The capacity building of the Roma parents will lead to improved civic engagement and more active participation in decision making processes (horizontal 1) – more generally it will result in better manifestation of the democratic principle “nothing about us without us”. Roma children growing up in a more inclusive local environment will lead to more successful school career, better and equal access to social and health services, strengthening inclusion and diversity in the two partnering countries (horizontal 2).

Roma and disadvantaged communities have little opportunities to learn their democratic rights, improve skills for cooperative, democratic participation and learn peaceful and effective advocacy mechanisms. The project aims to create new, innovative non-formal learning paths for these aims (ADU priority).

The above also explains how the project addresses the further three topics indicated.

The project is also in harmony with the overall aims of the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child. It is especially relevant to third pillar of the EU Roma strategic framework for equality, inclusion and participation, i.e. “Promote participation through empowerment, cooperation and trust”.

The planned outcomes of the project are:

- two curricula developments, compiled jointly by the two partners based on their diverse but converging expertise: one curriculum for the capacity building of the Roma parents and the other for the sensitizing and skill development of the relevant professionals

- 8 trainings/workshop series: 1 parents’ training implemented in 2-2 localities in both countries and similarly trainings for the professionals at the same settlements

- following the trainings, 4 learning-by-doing processes will be facilitated, to turn the skill developments achieved at the trainings into practice – 1 at each locality (2-2 in each country)

- a methodological guidebook will be compiled to explain the method and summarise the learnings of the project

- various dissemination materials and events organized to communicate the project.

The project is being implemented by the Hungarian organization "Rosa Parks Foundation" in partnership with the association "World without Borders". It is funded through the Erasmus+ KA210-ADU - Small-scale partnerships in adult education program and represents the second joint initiative between the two organizations.

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