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  World Without Borders  

  About NGO  

We believe that we can tackle a number of problems on a local level such as health issues, unemployment, low education etc by providing advocacy through development of various activities of/with Roma experts and engaging the people from the Roma communities .

Mission: World Without Borders (WWB) works to form a society of forward thinking young people who share the values of democracy and civil society. 

Main objectives:

1.To empower Roma community by removing ‘victim mentality’ and encouraging social involvement.

2. To run practical programs and projects aiming to help Roma community to become an active part of society who know their rights and responsibilities.

3. To support the personal development of Roma people and their realization as free people, by enriching the knowledge of young people in the field of social sciences, economics, culture, education and art.

4. To promote higher and secondary education among the Roma ethnic community.

Our team of experts share common values - transparency, teamwork, tolerance, responsibility and honesty.

Chairman: Gancho Aleksnadrov Iliev

WWB is recognized as one of the leading Roma experts’ organizations in Bulgaria. Our expertise is based on long years of experience, deep understanding of Roma culture and attitudes, highly qualified experts of Roma origin. WWB as an organization has been delivering sustainable community development services in Stara Zagora region for over eight years now. However, our staff, volunteers and supporters have lived and/or worked within the community for decades. This helps us to understand in depth all aspects of Roma mentality and issues, to easily earn the trust and engage the members of the community in our work. Our team of experts share common values - transparency, teamwork, tolerance, responsibility and honesty.

We specialize in organizing and carrying out training courses and seminars for underprivileged Roma women and youth.  We have organized meetings and conferences with similar organizations for exchanging practical experience and knowledge.  We aim to popularize University Education among the Roma ethnic group focusing on young women, and through this we hope to form a progressively thinking society. WWB has experience and expertise in implementation of projects which are significant for the health and welfare of children, young people and families. The benefitient is the local Roma community.

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