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Programme Areas of WWB
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We develop our work in 5 key directions:

Programme area “Health

Programme area “Social and humanitarian activities

Programme area “Education

Programme area “Youth

Programme area “Roma inclusion

Programme area “Health”

WWB Health Programme Area (HPA) involves the following activities in Stara Zagora Region: prevention and health education, field work, information campaigns, development of sense of responsibility in Roma people for their own health, family planning advisory, building a network of partners to improve access to quality health care, providing free and anonymous counseling and HIV testing, health care references, examination and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), preventive obstetrics and gynecological care to pregnant women at risk, assistance for termination of unwanted pregnancy (with the active participation of the Social Support Directorate and Child Protection Department, Stara Zagora, prevention abandonment and institutionalization. WWB distinguishes two sub-areas of HPA:

- Health Education and Health Promotion is one of the priority areas of our work and we have  realized highest number of projects, activities and initiatives within it.

- WWB has taken an active part in developing the previous national Health Strategy for Disadvantaged People Belonging to Ethnic Minorities.

- Prevention and control of infectious diseases (Tuberculosis (TB), HIV / AIDS, STDs)

WWB is the contractor of the project" Prevention of HIV in the Roma community "since 2004, financed by the Ministry of Health and Head of the Social Health Center, situated in the Roma community and it is a currently active project.

In December 2007  and January 2008 team organization actively participated in the campaign for prevention of lung disease in Central European individuals having implemented 700 reviews. After confirming the high rate of pulmonary pathology, was developed and implemented by December 2008 Component prevention of TB in Roma communities, which is implemented in several areas, Stara Zagora contractor is an association “World without Borders”, the funding is by the Ministry of Health .

Programme area “Social and humanitarian activities”

Activities are aimed at developing social services in the Roma community with key objectives to narrow the entrance to the specialized institutions and to protect the right of the child to grow up in a family environment and motivate children to attend school, to reintegrate into school environment, to marry when they are mentally, emotionally and physically ready to take responsibility for the future generation to reduce nuisance by correctional work, prevention of violence in the family.

Programme area “Education”

For this program area are implemented project activities to build capacity in the Roma community through the acquisition of secondary and higher education, preventing early school leaving, history, motivation for continuing education, traditions and culture of Roma people, information campaigns, non-formal education and participation in extra-curricular cultural and artistic activity, to acquire knowledge and skills to facilitate their inclusion in the school environment, communication and socialization in society and motivate children from marginalized communities to attend school from a very early age.

Programme area “Youth”

Implementation and support youth activities and initiatives for community development and active citizenship skills for planning, training and promoting career development, mediation in employment and other.

Programme area “Roma inclusion”

Implement activities to support and ovlastyatyavane of Roma communities to participate actively in the processes of decision making, and also in the preparation of strategic programs, projects and documents for the development of bottom-up processes, involvement of local Roma communities in the processes monitoring of projects implemented with a focus Roma and implemented by NGOs, institutions, municipalities and others.

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